Noise / Doom / Ambient
Infinitas (RSD14), 2014
'If you met Infinitas at a party, it'd be the approachable guy in the Pendulum hoodie and Journey t-shirt -- not the loud one, but the smart and level-headed chap who made sure you never were without a drink...As first impressions go, it's a promising one for a band who'll soon be, quite unselfconsciously, nudging Periphery for the genre's popular kid status' 4.5/6 - Thrash Hits

'Infinitas is, in few words, an odds-defying album. It brings in so many stylistic elements that in other hands have become tired, cliche'd, and generally deplorable, and yet knits them all together in a way that delivers a feast of melodies, hooks, heaviness, and ambience, with some of the best vocals in this kind of music you'll ever hear. I thought The Compass EP was a victory, but with Infinitas, Circles have won the war' - No Clean Singing


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