Hardcore / Mosh
5 Cds für 19,90!, Alveran, 2011
Order das Alveran Moshpaket mit 5 Cds deiner Wahl für 19,90!
BITTE UNBEDINGT BEACHTEN!!! Bei Onlinebestellung müsst ihr eure 5 Wunschtitel in das Feld "Bemerkung" eintragen! Folgende Titel stehen zur Auswahl:
A Death For Every Sin - In a time where hope is lost cd
Age of Ruin - The tides of tragedy cd
Albert React - Confluence and scrapes cd
Arma Angelus - Where sleeplessness cd
Bird Of Ill Omen - When love would have shown cd
Black My Heart - Before the devil cd
Burn The 8 Track - The ocean cd
Calico System - They live cd
Calico System - Duplicated memory cd
Christiansen - Emphasing function over design cd
Devil Inside - 36 Karat cd
Distance, The - The rise and fall cd
Dklimb - Defy.Define.Definition cd
Downpour - Footsteps over our heads cd
End of Days - Dedicated to the extreme cd
Forever And A Day - The art of creation cd
Glass Casket - Desperate's man diary cd
Inane - Zeitraffer lp/cd
Judas Cradle - Too bad the are all dead cd
Kill Kim Novack - 03:05 cd
Liar - Liar's hell cd
Maroon - Endorsed by hate cd
Misery Speaks - s/t cd
Nueva Tears - Do i have to tell you cd
Nueva Etica - Inquebrantable cd
Nyari - Your nation is dead 10"
Nyari/Jane - split cd
On A Warpath - s/t cd
On Broken Wings - Going down cd
On Broken Wings - It's all a long goodbye cd
On Broken Wings - Some of us may never see the world cd
One Nation Under - s/t cd
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Mercy cd
Purified In Blood - Reaper of souls cd
Red Sky - Knife behind the smile lp
Resistance - Two sides of a modern world cd
Righteous Jams - Business as usual cd
Santa Sangre - Feast for the new gods cd
Set Your Goals - Reset cd
Sinew - The beauty of contrast cd
Society's Finest - And I, the drunkards cd
Unearth - Our days of eulogy cd
Unsung Zeros - Fading out cd
Unsung Zeros - Moments from mouring cd
Until The End - Blood in the ink cd
Until The End - The blind leading the lost cd
V/A - The seed of the next season lp
Warriors, The - Beyond the noise cd


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